Beauty Products For 2003

The Early Show, David Evangelista gets the buzz on beauty at New York's 2003 International Beauty Show, where he sampled this year's must-have fads from press-on nails to hair irons.
CBS/The Early Show
Over the past days, the greatest minds of the beauty and style world have converged upon the Jacob Javits Center in New York City for the 2003 International Beauty Show. So The Early Show sent stylist to the stars, David Evangelista, to check out the latest buzz on beauty.

An estimated 75,000 people are expected to attend this year's show that takes place over three days, from March 9 to 11.

Exhibitors include hair stylists, hair care product manufacturers, makeup manufacturers, salon designers, spa builders, masseurs and almost anything related to the beauty industry.

Here are a few of Evangelista's favorites from the Beauty Show:

Lucky Chick Products: Lucky Chick have some of the hottest new bath products on the market, says Evangelista. The "Lucky in Love" box set comes with shower gel, lip balm, hand lotion and candle in mimosa flower/lilac scents. Also from the Lucky Chick line is the Lucky Chick's Fab Footsies Sugar Foot Scrub.

Press-On Nail Veneers: We all remember the days of Lee Press-On Nails. Evangelista says those days have gone the way of the dinosaurs. But, there is actually press on nail polish. There is no more waiting for the paint on your nails to dry because you press the color right onto your nail. It adheres, and you file off any extra polish that hangs over the edge of the nail. It'll stay put for about a week, according to Evangelista, and can be removed the same way as the liquid nail polish. It is made by Fingerprints and will be available for sale later this year in beauty supply stores.

Create-It-Yourself Velcro Rollers: If you're sick and tired of having hundreds of different rollers fall on your head every time you open your cabinet, this is the product for you, says Evangelista. The Sally Beauty Supply "rollers" are actually flat pieces of velcro-covered plastic that can be rolled into the ideal roller size and shape for your hair. You can travel easily with them since they're flat, they're compact and you don't have to buy dozens of every size roller in creation, says Evangelista.

ADST Hair Iron: Evangelista says he is a huge fan of this hair iron because it heats up to its full power in three seconds flat. It also has a built-in heat control, so your chances of frying your hair are minimized exponentially. The ADST EX retails for around $400.