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Beautiful tribute to the science-fiction masterpiece "Blade Runner"

(CBS) - I'm an equal opportunity geek and have been neglecting science-fiction a bit lately, so would like to take a moment to pay respect to the movie masterpiece, "Blade Runner," with an amazing tribute video I've stumbled across.

The video entitled "android dreams" was posted by Vimeo user Samuel Cockedey who writes about it:

A tribute to Ridley Scott and Vangelis, whose atmospheric work on Blade Runner has been a huge source of inspiration in my shooting time lapses, as well as for entire generations of filmmakers. I hope this will make many of you want to revisit (or discover if you haven't yet) this genre-defining movie. Shot roughly over a year in Tokyo with a Canon 5dmk2, mainly in the Shinjuku area.

A very visual and beautiful tribute to a masterpiece of cinema. If you'd like to check out more work by Samuel Cockedey, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here. 

UPDATE: I can't emphasize enough that I read all comments posted here at The Feed, and a helpful fan (gulp, I hope) has pointed out another excellent tribute video to "Blade Runner". I couldn't agree more, so am including their suggestion below to make this post all the better. Thank you very much, gadfly65!