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Beatles' iconic "Abbey Road" album cover turns 50

London — It was 50 years ago that four men crossed the road. Ever since, Beatles fans from across the globe have made the pilgrimage to stride across the most famous crosswalk in rock and roll.

Julie Bolch came from Colorado Springs.

"The Beatles are forever, everybody loves them," she told CBS News. "It's the 50th anniversary and I wanted to breathe the air that the Beatles breathed and be here for this."

But the moment might never have happened. Naming the album after the nearby Abbey Road studio was an impromptu decision, Sir Paul McCartney previously told "60 Minutes."

The Beatles "Abbey Road" album cover. AP

"We had another title going on that we didn't really like," McCartney explained. "So I just said, 'Hey, why don't we just call it Abbey Road?'"

That working title was "Everest," but no one was in the mood to journey to Nepal.

So they chose a cheaper and much easier option: Why not take a snapshot right outside the studio. Little did they know it would attract a circus like this 50 years later.

Because for fans, following in the footsteps of the Fab Four is a bit like stepping back in time.

And yet behind the studio walls, the band was crumbling.

The most popular album the Beatles ever made turned out to be the last they recorded as a group.

And that iconic cover captures the moment they had "Come Together" for the final time.

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