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Beatlemania Set to Strike Video Gaming

Beatlemania may sweep the nation again starting Wednesday as the legendary group comes back together in a reinvented form: a video game.

In the 1960s, The Beatles took the nation by storm -- but now they're back in "The Beatles: Rock Band," a game set to unite young and old with the common thread of classic rock meeting contemporary technology.

CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg shared the new technology on "The Early Show" Wednesday.

Rock band, he explained, has been around for a while. Last year, games, such as "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" earned $2 billion in revenue.
"Music is very popular as video games," he said.

However, the new version is just Beatles' songs. Sieberg said not every song from The Beatles catalog is included in the game, but many are included.

But how do you play Rock Band?

Sieberg explained the game uses instruments with buttons, and a microphone for karaoke-style singing.

"You don't need any actual music ability," Sieberg said.

"Early Show" co-anchors Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith, and news anchor Russ Mitchell tried out the game.

How did they stack up? Check out their performances by clicking on the video below.

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