Bear trap fails to foil burglar

A male brown bear
A New Castle, Pa. woman who hoped she could stop a burglar with a bear trap, caught neither.
(CBS/AP) NEW CASTLE, Pa. - A western Pennsylvania woman says a bear trap didn't prevent a burglar from entering her home.

The New Castle News reports that the woman told police that she usually keeps a large bear trap at the bottom of her basement steps, but forgot to set it on Sunday, and a burglar stole tools from the home.

According to the newspaper, someone broke into the house on the 400 block of Countyline Street early Sunday afternoon and made off with two cordless drills and chargers, plus a bag of tools.

Police say they suggested that the woman find a different way of protecting her home from intruders.

What's worse - any bear that reads this has now been alerted to the trap!