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Be The Girl With The Curls

As award season goes into full swing, celebs are inspiring all sorts of trends -- including hairstyles. This year, it's all about loose soft curls. So, to show us how we can achieve these perfect curls is celebrity stylist David Evangelista, who says, "It's a look that works well for just about anyone."


Hair Prep: Spray volumizer at roots of wet hair. While blow-drying hair, use fingers to lift at roots. Dry 90 percent of hair, leaving it slightly damp. This will help set the hair and keep it from flopping.

Tip: Use a small men's comb to lift and set the roots while drying.

Tool: Velcro rollers. Choose roller size according to size of the curl you want. The smaller, the fuller; the larger, the looser.

Technique: Start rolling hair either parted on the side/middle/or all back, moving from the front of the forehead toward the back until you reach the nape of the neck. Then work on the sides. Let hair set for 45 minutes (while you do your makeup). Remove rollers by holding them at the base. Use your fingers to style or a brush to sculpt. Finish with a light aerosol spray.

Tip: To speed the process, use a blow dryer and distribute hot air all over.


Hair Prep: Towel dry hair. Then, use curl enhancing spray and scrunch hair to create texture.

Tip: Curl enhancing spray can also be used on dry hair, but then use blower dryer to dry product

Tool: Curling Iron — ionic/ceramic irons work best

Technique:Create half-inch to one-inch sections and twirl around iron, tucking ends in. Either leave as is or use curl clips to set. Finish with a silcone serum for shine.


Hair Prep: When hair is wet, distribute a smoothing creme/gel and blow dry hair straight with a slight bend at the ends. Tip: Use a wide tooth comb to evenly saturate hair with product

Tool: Hot Rollers

Technique: Take hot rollers and set according to style preference, either side part, all back or middle. Let hair set for 20 to 30 minutes. Spray hair with an aerosol spray to lock in curl. Remove rollers and flip head upside down to loosen curl. Use fingers to style or brush for a more polished look.

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