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Be A Do, Not A Don't, With Glamour

When I was in junior high, my best friend Anne and I loved to pour over magazines like Glamour, Mademoiselle and Seventeen on a Saturday afternoon.

Before we checked our horoscopes or selected our china pattern from the ads in the back of the magazines, we'd grab the Glamour and turn to the Do's and Don'ts section.

We dreaded the thought of being one of those women photographed making a fashion mistake, their dignity preserved only by the black bar discreetly hiding their eyes.

We were grateful for the fashion "do's" that would hopefully give us enough guidance to grow up, dress for a successful career, get married and be able to put that china pattern to good use.

Years later, fashion has changed — but Glamour's Dos and Don'ts remains the magazine's most popular page.

That's why the editors of Glamour have published "Glamour's Big Book of Dos & Don'ts."

See photos of style-challenged stars.

See what's hot in next spring's fashions.

The book is filled with advice for women of all shapes and sizes on how to look fabulous at work, on a night out, on the weekend and at special events. There are checklists and practical advice — and, of course, plenty of illustrations and photos of dos and don'ts.

Ashley Baker, associate editor for style of Glamour magazine,

to talk about the book, how to avoid fashion mistakes, and which stars have the best (and worst!) style.


By Judy Faber

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