"Winningest man in BBQ" dishes on backyard cooking school

UNADILLA, Ga. -- He is often called the BBQ king of the world, but Myron Mixon would rather refer to himself as the 'winningest' man in BBQ.

"That wasn't even a word yet, until we came up with it," Mixon said.

Myron Mixon
CBS News

He has won more than 200 grand championships worldwide, and has so many trophies that he's turned his living room in Unadilla, Georgia, into a shrine.

But what's more impressive than his living room is what's going on in his backyard.

That's where he runs his own cooking school.

"I mean naturally you have to have a good recipe. You gotta have a taste for, what I say, familiar foods -- home foods -- because the ingredients that go in barbecue is very simple," Mixon said.

The recipes may be simple, but if students want to master them, they need time and money. The pupils each paid $750 for three days of learning Mixon's techniques.

One of the students, Morten Vincent, flew 5,000 miles just to take the class.

"I'm here to home my skills on - BBQ and I thought who better to learn from than the king, Myron Mixon," Vincent said.

Vincent is planning to serve BBQ at his restaurant in south Africa.

"I want the only BBQ joint in the country, " Vincent said.

"I've had them come from Japan and Dubai; other places," Mixon said. "And it's kind of amazing they wanna come see a poor ol' country boy in Unadilla, Georgia, about barbecue."

The students don't see Mixon in such humble light.

"I view this as, like being able to go to basketball camp with Michael Jordan," said student Brett Mitnick.

When the smoke settles, Mixon is just happy to be grilling.

"Ain't many folks can make a living doing' what they love," Mixon said. "And I love what I do."