Bauer To Bush: Speak Up

Speaking on CBS News Face The Nation Sunday, presidential candidate Gary Bauer addressed the issue of Republican front-runner George W. Bush's reluctance to clearly answer the question about whether or not he ever did drugs. Bauer spoke with Anchor Bob Schieffer and Contributor Gloria Borger.

"Some in my party have come dangerously close the last few weeks of suggesting that drug useÂ…in college really isn't important," said Bauer. "I don't know how you can say that unless we're prepared to tell current college students, 'Go on and use it because in college it really doesn't make a difference.'"

The candidate added no one can get away with dissembling about whether or not they committed a felony.

"Tell the truth and trust the American people," said Bauer, who describes himself as a Reagan Conservative. "The easy way to deal with these things is, 'Yes I've obeyed the laws of the United States,'' and 'No, I haven't and here's why.'"

Bauer surprised some political pundits when he beat Pat Buchanan in the Iowa Straw poll, coming in fourth.