Battleship repair a work of healing for friends

From left, Mike McEnteggert, John Blackstone and David Canfield on the deck of the USS Iowa.

(CBS News) The last of World War II's great ships, the USS Iowa, holds special significance for two men working to preserve the vessel.

The battleship will soon become a floating museum in Los Angeles, and David Canfield and Mike McEnteggert have been working to make that happen to preserve the ship's history - and to help them heal from a devastating memory.

Canfield and McEnteggert were serving together when an explosion on April 19, 1989 ripped through a gun turret, killing 47 on-board. The two men recently revisited the ship - and the profound memory of the event - with CBS News.

Watch CBS News correspondent John Blackstone's moving report featuring the two former sailors in the video above.

The floating museum is slated to open next month.