Battleground State Profile: Colorado

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State Data:

2008 Caucus Results:

Barack Obama: 67%

Hillary Clinton: 32%

Mitt Romney: 60%

John McCain: 19%

Mike Huckabee: 13%

2004 Election Results:

George W. Bush: 51.69%

John Kerry: 47.02%

2000 Election Results:

George W. Bush: 50.75%

Al Gore: 42.39%

Racial Breakdown:

White: 74.5%

Black: 3.8%

Hispanic: 17.1%

Other: 4.6%


Under 25k: 23.1%

25-50k: 29.6%

50-100k: 33.1%

Over 100k: 14.3%


Less than H.S.: 13.0%

H.S. or Higher: 86.9%

BA or Higher: 32.7%

Grad/Prof Deg: 11.1%

Who do you think will win Colorado?

John McCain

Barack Obama


Democrats hope their late-August convention in Denver will help generate enough momentum in Colorado to take the state out of the Republican column in November. Colorado has been a red state the last two presidential elections, but it has been trending blue. President Bush defeated Al Gore by 9 points in 2000 but took the state by less than 5 percent in 2004. Democrat Ken Salazar was narrowly elected to the senate in 2004, and Democratic Governor Bill Ritter won big in 2006.

Colorado has been a red state the last two presidential elections, but it has been trending blue.

Colorado is one of the three mountain west states that have gone Republican in the last two presidential elections-along with New Mexico and Nevada-that the Democrats say they will fight hard to win. Obama easily defeated Hillary Clinton in the caucus that was held on Super Tuesday, but look for John McCain to tout his western roots in nearby Arizona to try and keep this state in the Republican column.

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