Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat screenshots
Electronic Arts
With all of the success from the PC versions, the Battlefield series now makes it to game consoles. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat brings new fresh game play never before seen on the PS2. I never played any Battlefield title for the PC, so I really didn't know what to expect from this new release. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a First Person Shooter that puts you in command of numerous troops and vehicles in a multinational conflict. The storyline starts out with a news report stating that there is unrest and chaos in the former Soviet state of Kazakhstan. NATO peacekeepers led by the U.S move in to provide security in the region.

The Chinese government is suspicious of the deployment and decides to move Chinese troops near the Kazakhstan border to maintain their own interests in the region. This obviously sparks conflict which leads you through 20 grueling missions. You'll switch between the Multinational peacekeepers and Chinese forces throughout each campaign. So in one mission you would play as American forces, and two missions later you would play as Chinese forces.

Each mission consists of specific objectives which have to be met in order to complete the mission. Objectives range from holding a position, to clearing out enemy positions. Multiple soldier classes are included so you get to use soldiers with different specialties such as Assault, Combat Engineers, and Snipers. You get a wide array of weapons (over 50 state-of-the-art weapons in total) to use in order to battle the opposition but some key items are not available. The use of grenades, which is vital in any combat game, is not available right away in this title. You have to reach certain missions to have a weapon unlocked which is very frustrating. For example, during the first mission you have an M4/M203 rifle combo but you can't use the M203 until later missions. It's pointless to have soldiers carry an M203 grenade launcher if they can't use it.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat allows gamers to take control of more than 30 land, sea, and air vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, amphibious craft and fast attack vehicles such as the HMMWV. Arguably one of the more poorly made features in the game is the helicopter flight control. In all my years of gaming never before had I seen such horrendous helicopter controls. Just keeping the helicopter stable requires so much work you barely get any time to complete the mission. Once in the helicopter you can take control of different crew functions such as pilot, passenger, or even door gunner. The poor helicopter controls make you think twice about using the attack helicopters but unfortunately they're the lead in some missions.

One of the best features found in Modern Combat is the use of the HotSwap control. HotSwap is a feature that allows you to take control of virtually any soldier in the combat zone. To execute a HotSwap you simply point in the general direction of any soldier near you. By pressing the HotSwap button you are then transported to the nearest soldier and take control of him. It comes in handy if you're done clearing out one area and need to get to the action. Also, it's a good way to switch between specialties. So if you need a precision shot, you can HotSwap to a sniper near your area.