Batman beatdown on the Vegas strip

Batman brawl

(CBS) - It's not easy being Batman. If this video is any indication, it's not much easier being a Batman impersonator either. This caught-on-tape brawl shows the Caped Crusader getting into an altercation with an angry spectator. Tempers flare, fists fly and this Batman wanna-be is left on the concrete, wishing he had a suit with actual body armor.

This is the second time Batman-based news has popped up this week. A Batman in Michigan was arrested for scaling an office building in full Bat-garb

No word yet on possible charges for the incident. Hopefully future impersonators will remember that it's Batman's brains, not his brawn, that make him a superhero. Also, the real Batman probably wouldn't lead with a slap. Check the video below for an alternate view of the brawl.