Bask in the sun to come with a look at summer

(CBS News) We are slowly closing in on the start of summer. (June 21st for all who are curious.) And in anticipation of the season, one of our favorite online groups has created an uplifting and soothing piece to try and show what summer looks like. So sit, back, relax and let the warm glow of the computer screen prepare you to bask in the sunshine about to come so very soon.

The soothing video entitled "What does summer look like?" was created by SoulPancake, whose inspiring work has been featured here a few times now, and who write on their latest:

We asked our soulpancake team to capture moments of the summer. Here's what we saw.
So just bookmark this post to have ready anytime you need it during the week and change left until summer begins. And to check out more great work from SoulPancakebe sure to see our previous posts by clicking here or you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.