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Baseball player gets drop kicked by skydiver

(CBS News) Coming back from vacation to find a ton of work waiting for you can be a bit daunting. While some things like email can be caught-up on quickly, others can catch you off-guard and seem totally overwhelming. This baseball player above knows what I'm talking about...

Uh, foul? And, in all fairness, maybe I'm not caught quite as unaware as the unfortunate baseball player who was drop kicked. The random, caught-on-tape moment was posted on YouTube by user sbjones20061 who writes about the background of the accident:

Taken at the Hannibal Caveman vs Terre Haute Rex (Prospect League) baseball game in Hannibal, Missouri. 3 skydivers were part of the pre-game ceremonies. After the first one landed, I decided to video the next one which took out the player. The 3rd one landed just fine. Please note, the baseball player was okay and stayed in the game.
We're all so glad to hear that the player managed to play through the pain and prove himself a real "sport" after the unfortunate incident. And thank you so much for sharing this rather surreal pre-game stunt gone awry with the Internet and all of us here at The Feedsbjones20061!
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