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Barrymore: Letterman Story "Unfortunate"

Actress Drew Barrymore called the situation surrounding David Letterman's admission he had sex with women on his staff and the related alleged extortion attempt by a CBS producer "unfortunate."

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Barrymore, who flashed the late night star during a 1995 appearance on his show, joked, "I hope I didn't start anything by jumping on his desk!"

She added, referring to The Late Show with David Letterman, "I've always had fun there. I feel, you know, it's an unfortunate situation. I'm not one to comment on it, and I wish them the best, because that's an unfortunate situation."

Barrymore appeared on "The Early Show" to promote her film, "Whip It," which opens Friday in theaters nationwide.

The "ET" star said she just heard the news Friday morning.

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"I just heard about it on the way in," she said, "so I know nothing about it."

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