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Barry Bonds trial delayed for sick juror

SAN FRANCISCO - Testimony in the Barry Bonds perjury trial has been postponed until at least Tuesday because one of the jurors has called in sick.

The trial had been scheduled to enter its third week Monday following a three-day break.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston sent the jury home after juror No. 9, a data center engineer for, called in. Illston said the juror's note said the absence — which she said was for gallstones — would continue for "most likely the rest of the week." Illston said her clerk will need to "explore with him what his situation is."

The last government witness, anti-doping expert Dr. Don Catlin, had been scheduled to complete his testimony.

Bonds' trial began two weeks ago, more than three years after the all-time home run leader was charged with lying to a grand jury when he denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs. 5 factors that will make (or break) case

Bonds, who played for San Francisco when he hit 73 homers in a season and when he broke Hank Aaron's career home-run record, has pleaded not guilty to one count of obstruction and four charges of lying to a grand jury.

When he initially entered his plea in December 2007, he was met by thousands of media, fans and others as television helicopters hovered overhead. Much of that attention was missing on Monday. About a dozen photographers milled outside, but few fans were there to see Bonds walk into the federal courthouse in San Francisco dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and silver tie.

While Bonds sat with his star-studded legal team at the defense table, Jeff Novitzky, the federal agent who led the investigation of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, joined the prosecutors. Bonds is the biggest name to go to trial from the BALCO probe.

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