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"Barefoot Bandit" movie deal worth up to $1.3 million

"Barefoot Bandit" signs movie deal worth up to $1.3 million
Colton Harris-Moore Personal Photo

(CBS/AP) EVERETT, Wash. - Colton Harris-Moore, the 20-year-old Washington state man nicknamed the "Barefoot Bandit" after a cross-country crime spree made him an unlikely folk hero, has reportedly signed a movie deal worth up to $1.3 million with 20th Century Fox.

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The money will be used to help pay the minimum $1.4 million that Harris-Moore owes in restitution to the victims of his two-year-long crime spree, the Daily Herald of Everett, Wash. reports.

Seattle entertainment lawyer Lance Rosen, who negotiated the deal on Harris-Moore's behalf, says it's an unusual amount of money to be paid for anyone's life story rights.

In a written statement to the Daily Herald, Harris-Moore said he would only agree to sign a deal with 20th Century Fox if his victims could be repaid, the Daily Herald reported.

"I am humbled to know I can now help the people I hurt, at least for the financial damage I caused them," Harris-Moore reportedly wrote.

Over the course of his nine-state, three-country crime spree, Harris-Moore stole five planes and more than a dozen cars. He also broke into a number of homes and businesses.

He earned the moniker 'the Barefoot Bandit' after many of his crimes were reportedly committed barefoot.

In the U.S., Harris-Moore has become a folk hero with a fan club hawking T-shirts emblazoned with his image, songs about his exploits and tens of thousands of followers on Facebook.

Harris-Moore pleaded guilty in June to seven federal felony charges. Sentencing is set for October. He still faces state court charges.

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