Barbie For President

Mollie Keller, 4, of Manhattan, holds her "Barbie for President" doll during Barbie's presidential campaign announcement held at Toys 'R' Us Times Square in New York, Thursday, August 12, 2004.
Barbie thinks she knows who can make a difference in this year's U.S. presidential race — girls — and she's the one who is going to represent them.

The Mattel doll has thrown her hat into the ring as the candidate of the fictional Party of Girls! She unveiled her platform Thursday at the Toys "R" Us store in Times Square.

She has pledged a campaign that will concentrate on creating world peace, helping the homeless and poor, and taking care of animals. Her platform was chosen by girls across America through the Web site.

Marie C. Wilson, president and founder of the national, nonpartisan The White House Project, said Barbie's campaign shows girls that they can aspire to the highest levels of leadership, including the presidency.

"It allows girls to think about turning Barbie's dream house into the White House," Wilson said in a statement. "Since Barbie is such a large part of girls' lives, we believe it's important to encourage them to become tomorrow's leaders, and Barbie for President sends that message."

The White House Project, devoted to advancing women's leadership, recently launched its Go Vote. Go Run. Go Lead. Go Girl. campaign.

Girls can learn the basics of campaigning and the electoral process, and receive information about female political role models and possible leadership activities on the Barbie Web site.