Barack Obama returns to 60 Minutes on Sunday

60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley interviews the former president ahead of the publication of his memoir titled "A Promised Land."

2007: Barack Obama declares his candidacy
2007: Barack Obama declares his candidacy 14:26

It was a sub-zero Super Bowl Sunday in Chicago in 2007 when then-Senator Barack Obama, clad in jeans and a White Sox cap, introduced 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft to the city's South Side. The presidential candidate had once worked as a community organizer there.  

The former president was a week shy of announcing his bid for the Oval Office and was still able to walk through the streets of his adopted hometown unencumbered by fame, throbs of supporters, or a Secret Service detail.

Mr. Obama's rise was meteoric and 60 Minutes was there to document and report on the challenges and triumphs of America's 44th president. Our broadcast interviewed Mr. Obama more than 12 times after he won the presidency until he left office in 2017. In total, he has appeared on 60 Minutes more than 20 times. 

This Sunday, Mr. Obama returns to the broadcast for an in-depth interview with correspondent Scott Pelley ahead of the publication of his new memoir, "A Promised Land."

Pelley's interview with Mr. Obama airs Sunday, following football on the East Coast and at 7 p.m. PT in the West.