Banning Tag At Recess Is Dumb

Students participate in recess at Summit Elementary School, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 11, 2001.
AP (file)
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
There, on the front page of USA Today — a story about how schools in Wyoming and Washington are banning tag at recess.

Yes, tag.

As in, "tag, you're it."

It seems tag is just too dangerous. Kids get hurt playing tag, so schools across the country have joined in to eliminate it.

Speaking of elimination, my youngest son's single complaint about elementary school was the fact that his school banned elimination — "limo" as it's called on the playground. Limo is a lot like dodge ball, and we all know what an evil menace that can be.

I understand about risk and insurance and litigious parents who sue the school when Johnny or Suzie breaks an arm. But what of the fact that so many of our kids are overweight, and many of them are on a fast track to becoming diabetic?

Eliminating tag is one of those things that is as inexplicable as it is stupid. It's shortsighted and sad. Shame on those school administrators who think it's a good idea. Wake up.

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By Harry Smith