Bankrupt Calif. city weighs tax hike to hire more cops

Police in Stockton, Calif. respond to the scene of a crime.
CBS Sacramento
(CBS) STOCKTON, Calif. - The FBI says Stockton, Calif. is one of the most dangerous cities in America.

The city council is debating a plan that would increase the sales tax to pay for extra police officers, CBS Sacramento reports.

This week, officials in the bankrupt central California community discussed what's being called "the Marshall Plan" to increase the city sales tax by three-quarters of a percent. It's intended to result in the hiring of 120 officers in an understaffed police department, while at the same keeping the city afloat.

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, who himself was a recent robbery victim, originally didn't back the plan, but said he has changed his mind.

"If the right safety protection measures are in place to make sure the funding is not going to be abused, then it's the right thing for Stockton," Silva told CBS Sacramento.

Silva said separate groups should watch the funds, if the voters agree to the tax hike.

According to CBS Sacramento, under the proposal, two-thirds of the tax revenue would be used for public safety, while the other third would go to other city services.