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Banished Houseguest Has Big Plans

The first person "banished" from the Big Brother house has strong opinions that he was never afraid to express. Will Mega, as he likes to be called, talked with CBS News Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel about his experience on the show and his plans for the future.
Two weeks ago, the 10 guests in the Big Brother house in Los Angeles nominated two of their own for banishment: outspoken African-American William Collins, who goes by the name "Mega," and former exotic dancer, Jordan. During the following week, viewers in the United States and Canada called a 99-cent phone line, casting their own votes. They overwhelmingly voiced their wish for ousting William from the house.

On The Early Show, Gumbel asked Mega why he changed his name from Collins to Mega.

"Because I'm trying to be big, baby," said Mega. "I figure in this arena, it's a need for me to re-create myself to become bigger and better. "

Mega explained why he brought two large security guards with him to his interview. "I believe that America has a sickness, a sickness not to want to confront those who are willing to speak the truth." He pointed out that people's fear of hearing the truth led to violence toward Jesus.

He's not comparing himself to Jesus, "although I would like for the mind of Jesus to be deposited within me," Mega said. "But I'm saying that those who have been outspoken, the Martin Luther Kings of the world, the Gandhis of the world...and Malcolm X, my idol, whenever they spoke truth...those who wanted to wipe it out always came against them."

In addition, Mega claimed he'd rather be bounced first than third or fourth. "I was bored as hell in that house. I believe coming out first will be more beneficial to me than those who come out third, fourth and fifth," he said. "I was probably bounced because they feel I was the greatest competition."

He predicted Eddie will be one of the finalists.

"Eddie will be in the finals, because he understands it is a competition, not the Brady Bunch," Mega added, noting, however, that he disagreed with Edddie on religion.

"I'm...principled on God, and Eddie's an athiest. So that was conflict, conflict, conflict," Mega said.

"That's one of the things I had a problem with...was their disrespect for the Creator," Mega said of other houseguests. "I have never, ever, ever sat at a table where people didn't acknowledge the supreme being before engaging in a meal. And that was absolute culture shock. I was amazed."

Mega maintained he was voted off partially because he was outspoken about personal issues. "I was bounced from the house because those who were in the house had a major difficulty dealing with someone who was willing to confront them and force them to deal with the issues or inner side of themselves that otherwise they wouldn't have even looked at," saiMega.

Also Mega said race played a major role in the decision to oust him from the house and with the conflict inside. "Many of those people would never encounter someone like me. I believe that one word I kept hearing was 'I'm intimidated,' 'I'm intimidated,'" he said.

He was surprised when Cassandra, who is also African-American, told him to "never, ever get in a white woman's face and raise your voice," Mega said.

"I'm thinking about old Jim Crow, so Cassandra is lost in the sauce somewhere, still not up to date with the year 2000. This is a new day, and I think that if people are to recognize - if America is supposed to be this melting pot, then we are going to have to allow all views to be heard and open our ears to them," he said.

While Mega was in the house, a New York newspaper revealed him be a former member of New Black Panther Party, known by the organization as Hiram Ashantee.

New Black Panther Party leader Khalid Abdul Muhammad had harsh words at news conference last week and criticized Mega's behavior on the show. Muhammad was particularly incensed with footage of Mega giving an extended massage to housemate Jordan, a white woman.

"He knows the white woman is the devil," Muhammed had said last week. "Not a devil, the devil."

But Mega said he's not hurt over Muhammad's remarks. "I understand exactly where Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad is coming from," said Mega.

He does wish Muhammad had spoken to him before he gave the news conference.

Muhammad is working to "change the condition of black people, who basically have lost the knowledge of themselves, have no idea what their true names are, their history" Mega said. "And [Muhammad] wants to turn them into loving people who can appreciate themselves and have pride in themselves. In that respect, I can support him 100 percent."

Looking ahead, Mega said he'd love to meet black actor Avery Brooks: "He is a strong image in the media and television and the movies." Mega would also like to meet Will Smith (both are from west Philadelphia), Spike Lee and John Singleton.

Mega is looking to move into the entertainment business. "We need many more positive black role models in the industry. But I also intend to get a degree in law, so, you know, because I want to change the social fiber and policy of America," he said.

He's not worried that the adverse negative response to him on Big Brother will hurt him as he seeks a role in the entertainment medium.

Mega cited the example of Paul Robeson: "He took a strong political stance, yet, he exceled in every field he got into, politics, athletics, education, even in the field of arts. So I believe that God will bless me to be a vehicle to bring something new to the world and to destroy the negative image that has been painted on black males."