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Ballroom dancing breaks out on the streets of Manhattan, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include pop-up prancing in The City That Never Sleeps and a well-trained dog.

Improv Everywhere returns, treating tourists and New Yorkers alike to some surprise ballroom dancing. They're strutting their stuff at the crosswalk in front of Penn Station on 7th Avenue -- an extremely busy area of Manhattan -- which means a few people are enjoying it, and everyone else is yelling "Hey, I'm walkin' here."

Meanwhile, across town, Marnie The Dog is going on a subway adventure. The famously slack-tongued Shih Tzu grabs a Metrocard, stands clear of the closing doors and hops a ride on the 6 Train. The MTA allows pets, so long as they are being transported in a manner that would not annoy other passengers. And, really, who could ever be annoyed by Marnie?

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