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Balkan Immigrants React

On the streets of Chicago, reaction to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was swift, reports CBS News Correspondent Cynthia Bowers.

Â"By bombing one sovereign nation, theyÂ're going to accomplish nothing. Just more people going to suffer,Â" said Vivian Davis, a Serbian immigrant.

Immigrants from the Balkans gathered at local cafés eager for any news of home.

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Â"Military action only going to cause more trouble over there,Â" said Mira Srencevic, another Serbian immigrant.

More than a quarter-million Serbs have settled in Chicago, as have tens of thousands of Bosnian, Croatian and Albanian immigrants.

Â"I feel pain for anybody who will get hurt, but essentially itÂ's MilosevicÂ's fault. He asked for it. IÂ'm glad to see that finally thereÂ's some justice,Â" said Tony Murtishi, an ethnic Albanian immigrant.

At ChicagoÂ's Balkan café, memories run deep. Bosnian Eniz Hodzic showed scars he says came from being tortured in a Serbian prison camp. His cousin Huse Gradlj says he lost 27 family members to Serb forces.

Â"Milosevic, a crazy guy,Â" said Gradlj. Â"Everything, boom boom. My family, boom boom. My house, boom boom. Why?Â"

Serbs donÂ't get much sympathy at the Balkan, but just around the corner at the Umbrella Café, Serbian immigrants anxiously watching the attack say the US and NATO are now the aggressors.

Â"ItÂ's very clear that Americans and NATO support terrorists,Â" says Srencevic.

It is not just national pride that is at stake. Everyone has a family they worry about.

Â"They are probably in some basement or something, trying to grab some safety,Â" said Serbian immigrant Milan Kosdic.

And at a candlelight service Wednesday night, Serbians prayed for the safety of their families and the sovereignty of their homeland.

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