Baileigh Karam, missing Calif. teen, returns home after video of brutal fight posted on Facebook

Baileigh Karam
Baileigh Karam

(CBS/KFMB) CARLSBAD, Calif. - Baileigh Karam, a 14-year-old California girl who vanished after being involved in a brutal fight at her high school that was captured on video and posted on Facebook, was found Friday around 10:00 a.m., CBS affiliate KFMB reports.

She is reportedly healthy and has been reunited with her family.

Karam disappeared on January 11, the day of the fight, KFMB reports. According to ABC News, the teen told investigators she had been staying with friends since then.

In the video, a group of students can be seen surrounding wo girls, recording the brawl on cell phone cameras, but nobody steps in to help or stop the punches.

"The other girl just punched her over and over and over, while my daughter was saying 'stop, stop.' And the crowd was egging it on," said Karen Karam.

According to the station, the mother says some students later posted videos of the fight on Facebook, where other teenagers made comments, many of them negative.

"It's a very ugly world sometimes on Facebook," Karam said while her daughter was missing, "I know my daughter's out there reading all of those comments. And I know she's heartbroken. And I know she's humiliated in front of her high school."

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