Backstage Spats All Too Common

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The hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy" made some headlines this week, but not for its steamy storylines.

Things reportedly got heated on the set when one of the actors showed up late, holding up the whole shoot. Words were exchanged and one actor grabbed another by the throat. Luckily, no one needed a real doctor.

So is a warring cast a common problem in Hollywood? John Henson, host of "Watch This" on the TV Guide Channel, spoke to Russ Mitchell about the issue.

Asked how common fights on the set are, Henson says, "Unfortunately, I think it's all too common. And I think it's often the case of people get the success and lose a sense of perspective on it. Reports are that Isaiah Washington was impatient with delays on the set. He comes from a theater background and was in character and was ready to roll and made a comment to T.R. Knight, who plays George on the show. And Patrick Dempsey came to George's defense, and said 'Pick on somebody your own size' and was promptly choked."

"They're saying they're just a family and there are no harsh feelings but as of yet, there have been no apologies. And there remains to be seen how it will affects the chemistry of the show," Henson adds.

Last year, people were talking about fights on "Desperate Housewives."

Asked if that was true, Henson says, "Yeah, there is a lot of reports that Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman were very angry with Teri Hatcher upstaging them for a very famous Vanity Fair cover shoot. Also, Nicolette Sheridan was involved in a bizarre sort of love triangle with Michael Bolton of all people and Teri Hatcher."

"It can either make or break a show. There are instances where it can add to the chemistry. An example like 'Moonlighting,' where Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd really didn't get along but had wonderful chemistry on-screen," Henson explains. "Then there are instances where it can really pull a show or even a career apart, someone like Shannon Dougherty, who fought famously with the cast of '90210' and was dismissed and later fought with her most recent cast on the WB and was dismissed."

It turns out there was even conflict on "I Love Lucy," where the cast seemed to be getting along so well. But it was not the case.

"Going back to the 50's, there were reports that Lucille Ball made Vivian Vance wear dresses that were two sizes too small to make her look frumpy by comparison. Vance was also very dissatisfied with her co-star, her husband played William Frawley, who was 22 years her senior. She felt very insulted by the fact that she was playing the wife of a man in her words "that was old enough to be her father."