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Backstage Live on The N-Word, Lonestar and Geek Gadgets

Jessica Kumari from Channel One joined Backstage Live this past Saturday to host the show on one of the loveliest mornings all summer long. She spoke to Nancy Giles, contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning, about Dr. Laura Schlessinger's N-word rant usage last week. One of the smart things Giles said: "Why do people want to use the N-word just because some black people use it...just because a small percentage use it doesn't mean we all use it."

Why Would Dr. L Use The N-Word?

The music group Lonestar showed up on The Early Show plaza just in time for their performance. They told Jessica about leaving their gig Friday night and driving in the van for about six hours to get a quick shower in NYC prior to being on air. Backstage Live's musical guests from Second Cup Café have often lost sleep because a musician's life seems to be on the road constantly as well as a late night lifestyle. Give these guys a hand not for their early morning energy but for how they ultimately decide between themselves which songs on the album will become a single:

Lonestar Brings The Party Backstage

Katie Linendoll, geek-girl extraordinaire, shared with the Saturday Early Show some gadgets to help make college life a little easier for those on their way back to school. My favorite is the Livescribe, a pen that records lectures, shares notes with classmates and recalls the audio from what you were writing at the time. This is a far cry from the college era lampooned in the Rodney Dangerfield comedy Back to School where the boring professor faces a sea of cassette recorders in the lecture hall by the year's end.

Geeking Up Your Dorm Room