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Back To Work In Goshen

A gunman who shot seven of his factory co-workers also shot himself four times with his 12-gauge shotgun before dying, according to the coroner.

Robert Wissman had two wounds to the head, one to his neck and a chest wound, Coroner Jeff Landrum said Saturday.

Landrum ruled Wissman's death on Thursday a suicide but acknowledged his findings might cause some to wonder how a person could survive three shots before firing the last one.

"If I felt more evidence was needed, I would say so or say the investigation was pending," Landrum said.

Wissman went on the shooting spree Thursday afternoon, several hours after he had quarreled with another employee over a female co-worker, police said. Greg Oswald, the plant manager of Nu-Wood Decorative Millwork, died in the rampage.

Of the six others wounded, Rosario Rodriguez, 27, remained in critical condition Sunday and Kaestner K. Richard, 52, was in fair condition, both suffering head wounds. Michelle Morgan, who is three months pregnant, was in fair condition in hospital Sunday with wounds to the hip and hand.

The three others injured have been released from the hospital.

Nu-Wood is expected to resume operations Monday morning, but employees will be given time off to attend Oswald's funeral Tuesday.

Wissman's funeral also will be on Tuesday.

"I don't know who is going to that," said Ed Rutledge, a production manager at Nu-Wood and friend of Wissman's. "I definitely will be there."

Friends and colleagues began noticing changes in Wissman's behavior days before the shooting. They believe it was brought on by his involvement in a love triangle.

A prayer gathering is also planned before the factory reopens.

"We just want to try to get everybody in there and try to get everybody back into our routine," said Rutledge. "I've already gone back. I've already been in there, and it's very hard. It's going to be hard for everybody."

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