Back To Work!

Here are Dave Price and I on our perch above the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square on Thanksgiving Day. Once on the set, the parade comes fast and furious for three hours straight –- there's no time for a break! Check out a few photos from behind the scenes.

Hey everybody, hope your Thanksgiving weekend was great! Mine flew by, as I'm sure yours did. Dave Price and I had a blast hosting the Thanksgiving Day parade. For some reason it was our best ever, maybe because we've done it together for five years and maybe it was the weather -- In the low 60s! I even needed a last minute wardrobe change, had to ditch the turtleneck for a thin cotton shirt.

Otherwise, it was a weekend with lots of family and football. I cannot get over the two quadruple overtime games -- SEC rivalries at their finest. Even my alma mater Notre Dame managed a win to end the season! But after three days of sleeping in until about 7:30, it was a little tough to get moving this morning. So I'm off to the gym to try and wake up -- and work off all that yummy food! Have a great day. See ya tomorrow.