Back to school stress: Maintaining sleep, staying healthy, and keeping sane this season


(CBS News) From lack of sleep to increasing stress and staying fit, the changing routines of the back-to-school season can leave your child feeling stressed and even put their health at risk. The switch from the relaxed weeks of summer to the rigid schedule of fall can cause issues like trouble sleeping and emotional changes in children. 

To add to that, a 2010 study from the American Psychological Association indicates that when parents are stressed, nearly half of tweens and one-third of teens say they feel sad. More than one third say they feel worried, and one-quarter of tweens as well as 38 percent of teens say they feel frustrated.

For helpful ways to tame you child's and your own stress and ensure a healthy and productive back-to-school season, join CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips for a Google+ Hangout On Air about how to keep your kids healthy as they return to the classroom.