Back home briefly, Obama breakfasts with Illinois governor

President Obama on Friday woke up in his Chicago residence for the first time in nearly a year and spent the few remaining hours in his hometown breakfasting with Gov. Pat Quinn, D-Ill., at one of his favorite local haunts.

After a night skewering congressional Republicans during dual fundraising events for Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and other Democratic hopefuls, the president Friday morning patronized Valois Restaurant in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood. The casual eatery is a mainstay for Mr. Obama: Photos and newspaper clippings about the president hang on the wall, and a separate menu board features "President Obama's favorites."

But the president veered a bit from his usual orders, which according to the favorites emblazoned on the menu include "N.Y. steak and eggs;" two eggs with bacon or sausage; two pancakes; steak omelet; Mediterranean omelet; and an "all-vegi" egg white omelet. He instead opted for two eggs over medium with bacon and hash browns, which he paid for with two $20 bills and an exclamatory, "I don't take free food."

The quick overnight was Mr. Obama's first visit to his Chicago house since May 29, 2013.