Bachmann talks China in 3rd meeting with Trump

Rep. Michele Bachmann

NEW YORK - Rep. Michele Bachmann, still courting the support of billionaire Donald Trump, said the two discussed the threat from China in their third meeting on Monday.

"We have a lot in common -- both of us see the threat that we have from the Chinese to our economy," the Minnesota GOP congresswoman told reporters after the meeting at Trump Tower. "We see how they are stealing away market share and also jobs out of the United States."

Bachmann said she and Trump also talked about OPEC and how the oil-exporting organization "is strangling the United States consumer based upon the price at the [gasoline] pump." She said she will continue to talk with Trump "and we will be in very close contact throughout the election."

Responding to reporters' questions, Bachmann also addressed public dissatisfaction with Congress and the collapse of talks among members of the "super committee" charged with cutting the deficit.

"The people that I talked to in state after state, they don't want higher taxes," she said. "They want the economy to work again, and they are upset with Congress [because] they failed to do their job. Congress has absolutely failed when it comes to the super committee but they usurped their job by not cutting spending."

Bachmann spent much of Monday promoting her just-released book, "Core of Conviction," as she sought to reverse declining poll numbers. The book deals with her rise to elected office and the evolution of her deeply conservative beliefs.

But she also spent much of her time bashing President Obama about his handling of the economy, including his chastizing of the super committee. "He has to stop blaming everyone else especially when he has been AWOL on the issue," she said after taping an appearance on comedian Jimmy Kimmel's show. "It'd be different if he was here in the midst of it. It would've been different if he was trying it be different if he would offer a plan. The president did none of those things."

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