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Baby Yoga: Not Just for Psychos Anymore

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a naked newborn like a Stretch Armstrong doll? If you answered "yes," you might wanna give "baby yoga" a try. Baby yoga is the practice of subjecting an infant to activities he or she couldn't possibly enjoy, before the child has the vocal ability to object.

Lena Fokina, a 50-year-old Russian yoga instructor, demonstrates the practice of baby yoga in a video that has now gone viral. Many have speculated as to the whether the baby in the culture-shocking video is real. However, Nathan Thornburgh, a former Time magazine editor, claims to have spoken with Ms. Fokina and confirmed that baby and the video are, in fact, legitimate. In a blog he posted on, Thornburgh reports that Ms. Fokina said babies who are subjected to baby yoga are "early readers, singers, talkers [and] swimmers."

Here is the full video of Lena Fokina (fa-na-na-na-na-bo-bina) doing what she does best...
????-????, ??????? ? ????

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