Baby survives crash that killed her mother, grandparents

Baby Keira.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas-- A North Texas family is facing an insurmountable loss after a crash on the President George Bush Turnpike killed a new mother and her parents, reports CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

The only survivor of the crash was the mother's baby, Keira, who was born last June.

Carolyn Adkison and her husband Nick had yearned for a baby for a long time. Their pastor, Bennie Leonard, celebrated with them after Keira's birth.

"Had been a pretty long journey for them to see that happen," Pastor Leonard, of Liberty Baptist Church, said. "To be up there at the hospital with them with that, it was a special time. Just a lot of joy in their life."

On Thursday, he rushed to the hospital. Carolyn and her parents, Carolyn and Thomas Lewis, were killed in a crash on the Bush Turnpike after their Honda Civic struck a disabled armored car, CBS DFW reports.

Nick hasn't left his baby daughter's side since.

"He's obviously grieving a great loss. Then to have to realize that now he has to move forward as a single parent dad has its own unique challenges as well," Pastor Leonard said.

The Adkisons lived in Midlothian, where they were beloved by neighbors.

"They would do anything for you," neighbor Betty Peck said. "If they had any idea there was anything you need, they were right here to help."

"That whole family's just generally a very peaceful family, very loving, very compassionate," Leonard said.

Carolyn Adkison had suffered from postpartum depression, and they had been living with her parents to help with the baby. Friends said she was healing and they describe Nick as a great father.

"Very joyful of that baby and very hands-on, no doubt," Leonard said.

He said Keira has a fractured skull, wrist and collarbone but is expected to be alright. And for that, he believes there's a reason.

"God must have an amazing plan for this little girl," he said, "because he left her with us."

Authorities said they do not yet know why the car crashed into the back of the armored vehicle, but they are investigating.

There were two people in the armored vehicle who were not injured.