Baby macaques playing is an absolute overload of sweet

(CBS News) Let's start things off with something cute and light I've been keeping up my sleeve a while now for a metaphorical rainy day. (It's actually very sunny today in NYC.) I'd say it's finally time to... release the Kraken! Oops, did I say Kraken, again? I've always wanted to say it and sometimes it pops out by accident. What I meant to say was: release the baby macaques!

Awwww... they're playing and hugging! The absolute case of adorable overload meeting candid animal antics was posted by YouTube user w0nderbrad who writes about it:

Baby macaques at Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan playing on some rope ladders and hugging at the end. October 2011.
Honestly, if you packaged that video into a consumable product and ate it, the sugar rush would border on type 2 diabetes dangerous, because it is seriously way too sweet! Either way, I hope the short clip helped bring a little bit of metaphorical sunshine into your day today.