Baby Gabriel's Mother, Elizabeth Johnson, Due in Court Today by "Any Means Necessary"

Elizabeth and Gabriel Johnson (Credit: Personal Photo)
Elizabeth and Gabriel Johnson (Credit: Personal Photo)
PHOENIX (CBS/AP) Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing baby Gabriel who disappeared nearly three months ago, refused to leave her cell for a court hearing last week.

But Judge Timothy Ryan ordered deputies to "use any means necessary" to get the 23-year-old mother to Wednesday's hearing.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

The car belonging to Elizabeth Johnson, an Arizona mother who allegedly told her ex-boyfriend she'd killed their 8-month-old son, was found Tuesday in Texas, an FBI spokesman said. But little Gabriel Johnson is still missing.
Gabriel Johnson (Credit: Personal Photo)

Johnson is being held in Maricopa County jail in connection with her son's disappearance.

Gabriel was 8 months old when he was last seen in late December in San Antonio, and police don't know whether he's dead or alive.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

Police say Johnson drove the boy to San Antonio from Tempe, stayed about a week, and then took a bus to Florida without him.

She was arrested Dec. 30 in Florida and is charged in Arizona with kidnapping, child abuse and custodial interference.

PICTURES: Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing

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