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Baby found abandoned in New York City subway station

NEW YORK - A baby was found abandoned Monday in a subway station, CBS New York reported.

The incident occurred just after noon Monday at the Columbus Circle subway station.

Police said a woman, believed to be in her 20s, was on a northbound No. 1 train with a baby in a stroller. When the train arrived at the station, the woman pushed the stroller onto the platform but did not get off the train, police said. The doors closed, and the train left the station.

The baby girl, who police said is 6 months to 7 months old, was taken to Mount Sinai-Roosevelt Hospital for evaluation.

The baby was found alone on the platform by a 33-year-old woman, who waited for about 20 minutes with the child to see if anyone would return for her, sources told CBS New York. No one ever did.

Police released a photo of the girl Monday night holding her bottle and sitting in the stroller in which she was found. They appealed to anyone with information to come forward.

Police said there were no apparent signs of trauma. The baby had a bandage on her hand and a slight rash, but was otherwise unhurt, sources said.

The child will be placed in custody of the city's Administration for Children's Services until her identity is established. There was no identification with her, sources said.

Authorities said it's unclear whether the woman intentionally pushed the stroller from the subway car. Police are looking for her.

Commuters were shocked that someone could leave a baby in harm's way at a subway station.

"Thank God the child wasn't pushed into the tracks," said Irene Kestanuk, of Manhattan's Upper East Side. "Thank God for that, but they're going to have to find that woman because that woman is deranged, obviously."