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Baby dies after being left inside SUV by family who unloaded groceries

LAUDERHILL, Fla. -- Police in South Florida say an 11-month-old baby died after being left inside a sport utility vehicle parked outside their apartment near Fort Lauderdale.

Lauderhill police spokesman Gregory Solowsky says the baby's parents and four other children were unloading groceries on Wednesday afternoon and forgot to get the baby out of the vehicle. He says about an hour later, they realized the baby wasn't in the house. They returned to the Ford Explorer and found the baby inside.

"The family is very, very upset. The entire family. The children, the parents. But they are cooperating with us and at this point it looks like it's going to be a very, very tragic accident," Solowsky told CBS Miami.

They called 911 and began CPR. But the child was unresponsive.

Solowsky says paramedics continued to administer CPR on the way to the hospital, but the child was declared dead Wednesday evening.

"When we arrived here the family members, the mother and the father were still in the act of administering CPR themselves. You could clearly see they were very distraught over the fact that the child was unresponsive at that point," said Solowsky. "It's a tragedy."

He says the parents are being cooperative with the investigation and that the entire family is extremely distraught.

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