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Baby dances to her first birthday card, this week on The Feed!

Baby dances to her first birthday card 02:50

This week's most popular viral videos include a baby dancing to her first birthday card, the world's tightest parallel parking job, how to pronounce "Worcestershire sauce," a pit bull overcoming fear, kitten stress therapy and a tiny hamster Thanksgiving.

First up, Keiana posted this video of a baby who gets a musical birthday card and can't stop dancing to the card's catchy tune.

In this jaw-dropping video, Han Yue sets the Guinness World Record for tightest parallel parking job ever, squeezing into a spot with a mere 3.15 inches of space to spare.

This blooper reel features Chef Pasquale, star of the YouTube channel OrsaraRecipes, having trouble pronouncing a certain ingredient. His thick Italian accent just won't let him properly say "Worcestershire sauce."

Rhiannon Hamam introduces us to Queso the pit bull -- a dog afraid of many things. This video showcases the unique and funny way Queso has overcome his fear of doorways.

The folks over at SoulPancake have cracked the code to stress relief. All you need is kittens! But, first they needed to test their theory on some unsuspecting strangers in this heartwarming video.

Finally, a treat sure to ignite the spirit of the harvest holiday season. It's a tiny hamster Thanksgiving, courtesy of the viral video geniuses at HelloDenizen. This year the hamster invited over its friends -- a bunny and a rat -- to create a most adorable feast.

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