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Aylan Kurdi's dad: "Nobody's doing anything"

BERLIN -- The father of a 3-year-old boy whose lifeless body photographed on a Turkish beach drew the world’s attention to the plight of refugees says little has changed in the year since.

Abdullah Kurdi, a Syrian who now lives in Iraq, lost not only 3-year-old Aylan but also son Galip, 5, and wife Rihan, 35, one year ago Friday.

Kurdi was quoted by Germany’s Bild newspaper as saying this week that he’s glad the photo of his son’s body was published to “make clear to people what is happening” but he’s upset that more hasn’t been done for refugees since.

“Politicians said after the death of my family: never again!” he said. “Everyone allegedly wanted to do something after the photos that had so moved them. But what is happening now? The dying goes on and nobody’s doing anything.”

Abdullah Kurdi, father of three-year old Aylan Kurdi, cries as he leaves a morgue in Mugla, Turkey, September 3, 2015. Reuters

Kurdi urged others contemplating the journey that he undertook with his family to rethink their plans.

Thousands more migrants rescued from the Mediterranean 01:45

“I’d like to say to the refugees in the refugee camps that they shouldn’t make this journey,” he said. “The danger is too great. It’s not worth it.”

But as CBS News correspondent Holly Williams reported on Wednesday, they are still coming. By the middle of this week alone, around 10,000 migrants had been rescued off the coast of Libya -- many escaping war and poverty in Africa.  

Abdullah Kurdi’s sister, Tima Kurdi, posted this week on her Facebook page that “we must never forget the price for freedom.”

“Please keep (Aylan) and all those who died for the chance of freedom from the shackles of war in our daily prayers,” she wrote.

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