Ayla Reynolds Update: Maine mom confronts missing toddler's dad outside court

This undated photo obtained from a facebook page shows missing toddler Ayla Reynolds. Police in Maine are appealing to the public for help in locating the 20-month-old girl who was last seen Friday night. Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey held a news conference this afternoon to ask anyone with information about Ayla Reynolds to call police. Ayla's father called police yesterday morning to report that his daughter was not in her bed and couldn't be found. She was last seen sleeping at about 10 p.m. Friday by a family member.
AP Photo/obtained from Facebook

(CBS/AP) PORTLAND, Maine - Two days after going public with evidence she said police told her about her missing daughter Ayla, Trista Reynolds and her supporters screamed at and chased the girl's father following an unrelated court appearance.

Pictures: Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Missing

Justin DiPietro on Wednesday pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four days in jail for violating conditions of his release in connection with his July arrest for allegedly assaulting a former girlfriend in Portland. Prosecutors dropped the assault charge itself, telling the judge that the ex-girlfriend was uncooperative.

CBS affiliate WABI reports prior to DiPietro appearing in court, fireworks erupted between his family and Reynolds', resulting in Ron Reynolds, Trista Reynolds' father, and DiPietro's mother, Phoebe, being removed from the courthouse.

Following the hearing, Trista Reynolds and about a dozen supporters ran after DiPietro down a street and through a parking garage.

DiPietro and his court-appointed attorney ducked into the Portland police station where the crowd surrounded them and called him names, including "murderer," and shouted "Where's Ayla?"

Ayla Reynolds in an undated photo.
AP Photo/obtained from Facebook

DiPietro looked away and stayed composed until he eventually took off running. Reynolds and others gave chase before giving up.

Ayla Reynolds disappeared in December 2011 from the Waterville home where DiPietro, who had custody of her, was living with his mother.

Her body has not been found and she is presumed dead. Investigators have said they suspect foul play and that DiPietro and others in the house the night before she was reported missing, including DiPietro's sister Elisha and his girlfriend Courtney Roberts, haven't been totally forthcoming.

"I don't understand why Justin and Elisha and Courtney have not been charged yet. I don't understand why they haven't been charged for lying to the police. I don't understand how every day people can keep living their life like nothing happened to my baby girl," Trista Reynolds said outside the courthouse, reports WABI.

In hopes of pressuring prosecutors to bring charges against DiPietro, Trista Reynolds for the past two weeks has been releasing details she says police told her about Ayla's blood being found in multiple spots inside the DiPietro home.

DiPietro has said he has no idea what happened to his daughter or who is responsible. He declined to comment Wednesday outside the courthouse.

Maine State Police Spokesman Steve McCausland says it is still an open and active investigation. He said they have a great amount of evidence and that they have conducted hundreds of interviews.

"She's Ayla's mom. She is frustrated at times," McCausland said of Trista Reynolds. "We've been frustrated at times too. But then we remember who we're working for, we're working for, Ayla."

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