AWOL Airman Faces Sex Sentence

An Air Force airman who disappeared before he was to be sentenced on a sexual misconduct conviction turned himself in on Saturday, officials said.

Eric P. Marcum, missing since May 22, returned to Offutt Air Force Base around 11:40 a.m., local time, after contacting his attorney, Offutt spokesman Capt. Mike Richmond said.

Richmond was not sure why Marcum returned to the base.

After meeting with an Offutt chaplain for about 45 minutes, Marcum was taken into custody. Air Force officials will determine what, if any, charges are warranted from Marcum's two week absence, Richmond said.

"It certainly is a rarity. It's not something you see every day," Richmond said. "We're pleased he turned himself in and appears to be in good health."

On May 21, Marcum was convicted on seven counts for sexual misconduct with subordinates, including performing nonconsensual oral sex on one airman and engaging in group sex with other male subordinates.

He was scheduled to be sentenced the following day, but disappeared from his Omaha home.

The Air Force went ahead with the sentencing May 25 despite Marcum's absence. An eight-officer panel, that was instructed not to consider his absence from the court room, gave Marcum a 10-year sentence in military prison.