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Avoid Windows 2000 Confusion

It may sound like the successor to Windows 98...but here's what you should know before you spend your money on the latest operating system from Microsoft. It sure sounds tempting....

"I think the biggest thing people will find new in Windows 2000 is its reliability. You never really have to re-boot your PC anymore, where today people get very frustrated where they have to stop their system and re-boot the computer."
That sounds good for everyone, but Microsoft's Keith White warns the new operating system has been tested primarily with business and office applications. And when it comes to home use....

"They really need to be careful that we're compatible with all of their applications. So, we didn't really test games with Windows 2000 for example. So they're going to have to check and see and make sure that their hardware and their software is compatible with the new operating system."
Windows 2000 is a lot closer to a consumer product than its predecssor...Windows NT. It has support for USB and many more devices, but the advice is to wait...

"We are planning on bringing this Windows 2000 type product to the consumer, probably sometime next year."
Pricing for Windows 2000 starts at about 129 dollars. You can find more information online at Micrsoft's Web site.

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