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Autopsy In On Texas Escapee

Preliminary autopsy results indicate Texas death row escapee Martin Gurule was grazed by a bullet -- and drowned.

His body was found Thursday in a creek. Hundreds of law enforcement officers had been tracking him since Thanksgiving.

CBS News Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports that Gurule's body was pulled out of a creek in Huntsville, Texas. Just after 6 p.m. Thursday, two off-duty prison workers who had gone to the creek to fish discovered the body.

One of the workers said the body looked like a mannequin to him, until his friend spotted Gurule's fingernails and identified it as a corpse.

"I'm surprised, to be honest with you," he said. "You don't anticipate doing something like that."

Martin Gurule's mug shot (AP)
Gurule was the first man in 64 years to escape from death row in Texas, an escape that began on Thanksgiving when he scaled two fences.

Larry Fitzgerald of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice told reporters, "We believe it was the intense pressure put on by [officers], the dogs, the helicopters, the foot patrols, the horses, that indeed forced Gurule from his hiding place and forced him to attempt to swim Harmon Creek, the area where his body was found."

Gurule's death will not put an end to the questions and finger pointing in Huntsville, how a death row inmate could hack through a fence, remain undetected for several hours with a dummy stuffed in his cell bed and vault two more fences to escape is a question that will be studied for days to come.