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Autistic boy who communicates with kisses receives global birthday cards

ANDOVER, Mass. -- He has had 11 birthdays and his family says no one has ever really paid attention. But a boy in Andover, Mass., is about to have a spectacular 12th birthday – thanks to the Internet, his mom and a stamp, reports CBS Boston.

Logan Pearson is severely autistic and can’t talk. He communicates with kisses.

“As a mom, I just love him so much. I just want the best for him. I want him to just be treated like a person,” Logan’s mother Catherine told WBZ-TV.

She tells the story of her three kids’ lives with framed photos and colorful glossy books that are an inch thick.

But in all the pictures of Logan, there are no birthday parties, no photos of friends, no balloons and no candles.

“People have just felt like well ‘Logan can’t understand so we aren’t going to do anything for him like other kids,’” his dad James said.

But this year would be different. With Logan turning 12, mom was turning to Facebook:

“I want to CELEBRATE him and ENJOY his day on 2/24/14!” she wrote.

“So will you go right now and grab a piece of paper and write Happy Birthday Logan- from your FRIEND— in Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii… Etc? I want to make a birthday card book for him.”

“Help us celebrate Logan’s birthday! Feel free to share this.”

A few days later, Catherine went to the mailbox. “I called my husband and said ‘You’re not going to believe this!’”

It was full. Catherine had asked for birthday cards. She got them, from as far away as England and Germany.

That one Facebook post was shared across the world at the speed of 2014, making snail mail very cool.

“The world is giving this kid a hug, saying ‘You count, and we’re here for your birthday,’” Catherine said.

With almost two weeks to the big day, Bruce O’Connell the mailman just keeps coming. And Logan’s family keeps heading for the mailbox, knowing balloons pop and candles blow out.

But this is a “forever stamp” on life.

If you’d like to send Logan a birthday wish, mail it to:

Logan Pearson

311 Lowell Street

Apt. 3210

Andover, MA 01810

A special thanks to  

Pacific Child and Family Associates, which helps all families that might need services with their autistic children.


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