Aurora shooting survivor urges others to do good


(CBS News) It's been one year since the deadly shooting inside the Aurora Colorado movie theater and Marcus Weaver, a survivor of the shooting, uses the horrific experience to inspire others to do good.

Weaver is willing to share his memories of that night with anyone who wants to hear, remembering each second. He talks about how his friend Rebecca Wingo was killed and how he was wounded in the arm by shotgun pellets.

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He tells people that if he can survive that, they have hope of surviving tough times and tragedies in their lives.

"I feel that my life has this new purpose to continue to help people in any way I can," he said.

Weaver now co-hosts a radio program called "Changed People," and tells prison inmates how he changed his life after doing time for drugs and theft.

He now works for a Denver car recycling firm that gives ex-cons like him a job. He was already on his road to recovery when the shooting took place, but that night threw up a tough new hurdle.

However, Weaver said he's already "forgiven" the shooter, James Holmes.

"I didn't want my life to be defined by being angry over what a coward did in that movie theater," he said.

Weaver has been to court hearings, has seen accused shooter and has made a resolution.

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He also vows to remember those who died.

"Some people didn't make it out of that theater, so I want to live for them as well," said Weaver.

Now he's also a part time minister with ABC Ministries and has a mission to show others that from unspeakable horror can come a life made sadder, but it can also make it stronger.