Attorney on a Gurney (The Sequel): Pa. lawyer rolls into court again, and this time he's sentenced

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Attorney on a Gurney (The Sequel): Pa. lawyer appears before judge on gurney again, sentenced
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(CBS/AP) UNIONTOWN, Pa. - Pennsylvania attorney Mark Morrison, who made quite an entrance when he rolled into his competency hearing on a gurney last November, was sentenced to 18 months to six years in prison for stealing $99,000 from clients as he appeared in court Friday, once again, on a gurney.

Though Morrison's friends testified that he was too sick to be incarcerated, Fayette County Judge Steve Leskinen sentenced the 53-year-old, who he said shows no remorse for stealing money from two elderly couples he represented.

Morrison, who was convicted in January, first rolled into Leskinen's courtroom on a gurney in November when he claimed to be mentally incompetent.

But at the hearing, a prosecution psychiatrist testified Morrison's answers on some tests had raised "red flags" that he might be faking, such as when he named the months of the year as "A, B, C, X and Q."

Leskinen sentenced Morrison Friday despite claims his health is failing due to a circulatory problem and a bacterial infection.

Morrison must also spend eight years on probation once he rolls out of prison.

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