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Attenborough Hates Rats

Ed Bradley Reports

From glaring gorillas to belligerent birds, nature maker Sir David Attenborough has a soft spot for all things flora or fauna – except one. "I can't bear rats," the BBC's natural man tells 60 Minutes Correspondent Ed Bradley.

Attenborough relates how he became unnerved on a recent shoot in a Hindu temple crawling with the creatures. "The director says, 'Don't worry.' He said, 'We'll put you on a stool, so the rats simply…they'll be swirling around you, but they'll be no bother.'"

The normally unflappable filmmaker was bothered so much that he took several takes to read his lines properly, he explains to Bradley. "If you think a rat is about to climb up your trousers, it is very difficult to look at the camera and keep on going, isn't it?"