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Atlanta Police Close Nude Musical

Police shut down a bar that was showing a successful musical revue featuring nudity because the business didn't have an adult entertainment license.

The manager of The Armory bar in midtown Atlanta, Doug Youngblood, said police overreacted Saturday night. He said the show had been running since August and is theater — not adult entertainment.

The revue, "Naked Boys Singing," has spent six years off-Broadway in New York and road show versions are playing in several cities. The gay-themed show, billed as celebrating "the splendors of male nudity in comedy, song and dance," features six male actors who are in the buff for much of the performance.

Three plainclothes police officers went to The Armory on Saturday, watched part of the 8 p.m. show, then shut the place down and issued a citation to Youngblood.

"You have to investigate, and if what you're seeing may be considered adult entertainment, I suppose they feel it needs to be shut down," said police spokesman John Quigley.

Youngblood said was later allowed to reopen the bar but the 10 p.m. performance was canceled.

The show received generally good reviews in New York City, where it ranks as the 10th longest-running off-Broadway show. In August, the city's tourist bureau pulled it from a list of discounted offerings for visiting Republican delegates after the Republican National Committee complained it wasn't suitable.